Insulation board made from natural wood fibres BELTERMO INSTAL 150

Insulation board made from natural wood fibres BELTERMO INSTAL 150 image from VULDI COMPANY
KOD: F150I60/125

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Surface:0.75 m2
Volume:0.1125 m3
Size (height. / W. / D.): 600 mm x 1200 mm x 150 mm

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An insulation board with single-ply construction and homogenous cross section, is ideal for the retrofit insulating of interior walls.
Manufactured from untreated pike and fir
Additive: 4 % polyurethane resin (binder)
Insulation of the insides of exterior walls
Insulation under the rafters for interior plaster application
Optimum thermal insulation
Superior thermal storage capacity provides outstandinginsulation against heat in the summer and cold in winter.
Improves acoustic insulation
Regulates humidity
Water vapour diffusion permeable
Quick and easy installation
Wood is a sustainable, recyclable natural resource
Biologically safe
Thickness (mm) 50,100,150
Length (mm) 1200,1250
Width (mm) 570,580,600
Actual coverage; length x width (mm) 1250 x 600
Bulk density (kg/m3) 150
Compressive stress/ strength (kPa) 100
Nominal thermal conductivity (W/mK) 0,039
Thermal conductivity comparative value (W/mK) 0,042
Nominal thermal resistance (RD) (m2K/W) 1,25
Thermal resistance ® (m2K/W) 1,19
Sd-Wert (m) 0,15
Vapour diffusion (μ) 3
Specific heat capacity (J/kgK) 2100
Tensile strength perpendicular to board surface (kPa) 10
Air flow resistivity (kPas/m3) 100
Fire reaction Euro Class E
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